Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Female Demons

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Female demons are popular since Abyzou possessed young Emily in The Possession movie. Bagul is a male demon that is making his first appearance in Sinister. Moviegoers have been interested in demon names for quite some time, maybe dating back to The Exorcist movie. What are the most popular female demons?

Female demons are as dangerous as male demons. We see Demon Abyzou as a freaky female demon that burrows her way into a vulnerable host, commanding a possessed child to harm those they love most. Female demons are intimidating spirits.

Several female demons are stronger than Abyzou. They represent superior female demons in the demon world. The female demons possess young children who find solace in having friends. These children are sometimes lonely souls with no friends to listen to their problems. This is when female demons (Abyzou) and male demons (Pazuzu) make contact with children such as Em and Regan, in that order.

The following female demons are evil demonic spirits: 

  • Lilith
  • Succubus
  • Belial
  • Beelzebub
  • Azazel
  • Mammom
  • Asmodeus
  • Moloch

Are you afraid yet? Show courage in the face of evil. This post is intended to inform you of the female demons who exist in the demon world. Enjoy watch Abyzou and her Dibbuk box in The Possession movie.    

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ammut Female Demon: The Book of Dead female demon

Judgement (click on image to visit source)

Female demons are recognized as serpents preying on the living. Their hatred toward the living enable them to overpower their host. Ammut is an evil female demon who is discussed in The Book of Dead. This female demon is depicted in the Egyptian artwork known as Judgement.

Ammut is the female demon we see in the middle (looks like a dog with a monster head). She is a malevolent demon that awaits the death of the newly dead. She will devour the living to feed off their energy. Demon Ammut is connected to the Hall of Maat.

Egyptians viewed Ammut as the decider of who reaches the afterlife. We see a heart and a feather being weighed. If some reason the heart of the deceased weighed greater than the Feather of Maa, the Ammut female demon would then eat the heart. Egyptians feared Ammut in the same way as we fear our judgement.

If religious followers are not worthy of Heaven, then they must remain in The Astral Hell, in limbo, and may be casted to Hell. Ammut is essentially a female demon ready to consume the most vital organs. She could prevent the dead from reaching the afterlife. Ammut is regarded as an Egyptian demon, whereas Abyzou is recognized as a Hebrew demon spirit.

Source: EgyptianArtSite.com

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lilith female demon

Who is Lilith? Lilith is a female demon of night, whose interest is to take children and to suffocate them. She has a vendetta against children, most certainly taking revenge on those she thinks denied her of her evil children. Lilith is believed to be the first wife of Adam.

Nonetheless, Demon Lilith interferes with the childbirth process to cause miscarriages. Lilith is derived from Hebrew, albeit the Jews and Greeks understand the power of Lilith.

When it comes to female demons, Lilith is the epitome of evil. Lilith mocks those that experience sexual dreams and takes children like The Woman in Black.

Beware of Demon Lilith in the night. She wreaks havoc on children, a reason she remains a malevolent demon.   

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Abyzou demon

image credit: freakmutantmonster.blogspot.com
Abyzou is a female demon spirit known as the taker of children. She is currently starring in The Possession movie. Emily becomes good friends with Abyzou, listening to her evil commands in Hebrew.

Abyzou comes from European and Greek folklore. She preys on vulnerable young children. Demon Abyzou is ready to comfort a new host. She enjoys hiding inside an antique Dibbuk chess and a human abdominal cavity.

The malicious female demon convinces the possessed the hurt the people they love most. Abyzou is drawn to young girls. Most adolescents would refuse to communicate with a female spirit in a box.

Watch the female Abyzou demon manipulate young Emily. The female demon uses a Dibbuk box to possess a pure host. Abyzou is a malevolent demon spirit ready to harm and kill innocent humans.