Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Abyzou demon

image credit: freakmutantmonster.blogspot.com
Abyzou is a female demon spirit known as the taker of children. She is currently starring in The Possession movie. Emily becomes good friends with Abyzou, listening to her evil commands in Hebrew.

Abyzou comes from European and Greek folklore. She preys on vulnerable young children. Demon Abyzou is ready to comfort a new host. She enjoys hiding inside an antique Dibbuk chess and a human abdominal cavity.

The malicious female demon convinces the possessed the hurt the people they love most. Abyzou is drawn to young girls. Most adolescents would refuse to communicate with a female spirit in a box.

Watch the female Abyzou demon manipulate young Emily. The female demon uses a Dibbuk box to possess a pure host. Abyzou is a malevolent demon spirit ready to harm and kill innocent humans. 

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